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Occlusion is the manner in which the teeth move against each other during function. The best occlusion (bite) is that which is aesthetic, functional and comfortable. For each patient, a healthy bite is paramount for dental treatment success.

How do people develop malocclusion (bad bite)? A significant percentage of the dentistry done by Dr. Warga is to correct poorly functioning teeth that have had previous cosmetic makeovers, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, orthodontics and other restorations. If you have crooked teeth, it does not mean you have a bad bite. As long as the teeth function with the anatomy of the jaw joint and muscles, the teeth can remain healthy. We strongly advise a patient should have a comprehensive exam before having irreversible changes made to their teeth. Proper examination before treatment identifies if there is a need to correct the bite and if underlying problems exist. If symptoms and signs of malocclusion are discovered, a splint followed by equilibration (bite adjustments) is often recommended.

Like gears, teeth wear out faster when the mechanics are not as precise. If a patient exhibits wear that exceeds the norm for their age, it becomes necessary to intervene with occlusal therapy. The front teeth are designed to protect the back teeth by separating the back teeth as we move our lower jaw. People who wear down their front teeth are at risk of cracking and prematurely wearing down the back teeth. Excessive wear makes the teeth look prematurely more aged. If the edges of your teeth are chipped, worn or rough, have dentin exposed (this is the darker and softer tooth structure under the enamel), you likely need equilibration.

Equilibration (bite adjustments) may include the addition of bonded fillings and placement of crowns to restore excessively worn teeth. Dr. Warga’s expertise in meticulous bite adjustments can rejuvenate the appearance of teeth and maintain their future health and beauty.

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