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Esthetic Veneers

Dr. Warga takes pride in the creation of naturally beautiful smiles. To attain results that discerning individuals desire, adequate time is allowed for a thorough communication process. A series of photographs, analysis of diagnostic articulated casts, a comprehensive examination of the masticatory system, and an in-depth consultation are the cornerstones for esthetic planning. For some situations, the process can be simple and of short duration. For others, the process can involve the need for consultation with other dental specialists such as an orthodontist, periodontist and maxillofacial oral surgeon. In these more complex situations, Dr. Warga will organize the team of treating dental experts in order to make the process seamless.

Post Treatment

These restorations are bonded to the teeth. They are more durable against compressive forces rather than shearing forces. In other words, tipping forces such as biting on the edge of a restored tooth is undesirable. The harder the food is, the forces generated become greater. Hard carrots, hard nuts, hard-crusted foods, ice cubes and bones should be avoided.

Gentle brushing without abrasive toothpaste (see preventive/hygiene) and flossing daily will maintain the surrounding gum tissue. Poor hygiene care can lead to diminished aesthetics and loss of gum tissue. The porcelain does not readily stain. Composite bonding can stain and the color is less stable than porcelain over time. Please ask us to help with removal of any stain.

Hypersensitivity can occur shortly after any type of bonding. Fluoride rinses aid to diminish sensitivity and strengthen root surfaces. Acidic foods and liquids can increase sensitivity. Please inform us if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms.

The bite should be comfortable and the restorations should not restrict your movement. Some follow-up adjustments are often necessary and these restorations will be evaluated at subsequent examinations during your periodic visits with the hygienist.