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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are fabricated when the integrity of the tooth is compromised by decay or fracture and not enough tooth structure remains to hold a filling. Additionally, crowns are necessary to stabilize cracked teeth.  Waiting for a crack to propagate until a tooth fractures can lead to tooth loss.  Crowns may be made of gold based alloys, porcelain, zirconium or a combination of materials.  Gold alloys are used in non-aesthetic areas and tooth colored materials are used in the visible smile zone.  Fixed bridges are non-removable and are composed of a series of crowns fused together to replace missing teeth.  There is a great variance among dental practices in cost and workmanship of crowns.  This is because the FDA does not regulate the materials used and there are no technical licensing requirements for dental technicians who fabricate the crowns.  We use master dental technicians and the purest gold alloys to construct life-like restorations.  Up to 20x power magnification and CAD/CAM technology is used to ensure accurate casting and finishing of the seal to the tooth.  Prototypes of the restorations are made for the patient to experience the beauty and comfort of the final design before placement.

Post Treatment

  • Your gums and teeth may be tender after single or multiple preparations.
  • It is very important to have excellent oral hygiene. When brushing, use a soft bristled toothbrush. Gently massage your gums and teeth as instructed.
  • Avoid sticky foods (taffy, caramels, gum, etc.) and avoid chewing ice, nuts, and hard candy.
  • Floss your temporary crowns gently. Clean and pull the floss out the side so the crown will not “pop off”.
  • If a temporary crown should loosen or come off, please call the office to have it re-cemented. It is very important that the temporary crowns stay in place while the permanent crowns are being fabricated.
  • Sometimes the nerve of the tooth is unhealthy and may be affected. If the tooth does not settle down after the initial tenderness, or if you need Aleve or Ibuprofen to control the discomfort, please contact us.
Crowns Two - Before After
Crowns One - Before After