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Comprehensive Examination

You will have an exam like no other … most dentists only concentrate on single tooth interventions.

A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is critical to ensure  health from early childhood throughout adult life. Each of us present with individual circumstances that will shape our needs and time frame for treatment. Our goal is to help you through education to realize those needs. An organized plan will orchestrate the delivery of the most proficient and professional care for an enduring result.

Our initial meetings together develop a mutual understanding of your needs and our ability to meet those needs. Whether you desire to maintain your current health or strive for improved health, we recommend starting our relationship by allowing us to understand who you are, what your perceived needs are and to determine if we have the ability to provide your care. A comprehensive examination of the dentition (teeth and gingiva) and surrounding structural functional elements (airway. head and neck muscles, jaw joints) allows us to develop a diagnosis and treatment blue print. We strongly recommend that an airway assessment is part of this evaluation because many people have undiagnosed apnea. In children, undiagnosed airway problems can lead to improper diagnoses of numerous maladies such as ADHD and asthma. In adults, undiagnosed airway problems can lead to depression, obesity and cardiovascular pathology. After a thorough comprehensive evaluation and consultation, the patient and the doctor are educated about each other so that a trusting relationship can grow and facilitate appropriate decisions and ultimately extraordinary care.