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Bonding Fillings

The term bonding is used to describe the process of using an acidic solution on the teeth to create microscopic retention of a filling material or a cement luting agent. Porcelain veneers, composite tooth colored fillings, zirconium and metal restorations can be bonded to tooth structure.

Composite fillings are composed of silica particles in a resin matrix and are tooth colored.  Besides the aesthetic beauty of composite, more natural tooth structure can be preserved during cavity preparation.

This is opposed to silver mercury fillings which require more extensive tooth reduction to allow for the mechanical retention of the filling.  Whenever any type of filling becomes too large, there is a risk for tooth fracture and possibly nerve damage.  As fillings wear down, the opposing tooth often digs a deeper channel  and ultimately causes a wedging effect in the filled tooth.  The filling in essence can wedge the tooth apart and cause tooth loss.  To correct this downward spiral of placing fillings which lead to root canals, fractures, and tooth loss, the teeth must not only be restored properly but have an appropriate functional.

Post Treatment

  • Please do not eat until the numbness wears off.
  • Please avoid extremely hard foods in the treated area today.
  • There may be some sensitivity to temperature, especially cold. This could last anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the amount of decay that was present in the tooth. Deep areas of decay that are close to the nerves of the teeth and are restored with a filling can be sensitive. Every effort is made to avoid the need for root canal treatment by placing desensitizing medications under these fillings. If the nerves of these teeth were unhealthy, the teeth may become more sensitive.
  • There may be some sensitivity to biting.
  • There may be some sensitivity around the gum or at the injection site. Please mix a ½ teaspoon of salt and 8oz. of warm water and rinse your mouth several times today and tomorrow.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office.
Bonding One - Before After
Bonding Two - Before After